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Introducing Maya [Dariush Derakhshani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. If you're new to Maya, the industry-leading 3D animation.
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There are two areas that will have animators jumping for joy: the new Muscle tools and Animation Layering features. Muscle tools enable you to create lifelike muscle and skin motion on your characters.

This interface gives you all of the tools and options you need to create and manipulate animation layers. This feature allows artists to create multiple layers of animation nondestructively that can be blended, merged, grouped, and reordered. Other great new features can be found in the modeling area with the Soft Selection tool and symmetrical modeling feature. The Soft Selection tool is very useful in organic modeling and gives you the ability to select part of a model then have the selection fall off over a defined distance. Symmetrical modeling allows for a less-painful method of sculpting characters, while the new Merge Vertex feature gives a simpler way to stitch poly models together.

I think this goal is well achieved. New students of 3D modelling and animation should find it a suitably challenging and fun introduction to this industry level software application.

Autodesk Maya 2009

My overall impression: this book is an excellent foundation level training guide. Note: Care is needed in the physical use of the book. The glued binding is not really ideal for a book that needs to be opened out properly for working - the spine easily breaks.

It would be really great if the CD included a PDF version of the book that could be read off a second screen whilst working through the tutorials. Niggle: In the 'Bouncing a Ball' tutorial, the student is asked to move points in the Graph Editor half-way down one page p , but is not instructed HOW to move points in the Graph Editor until later on the next page p Nor, to be honest, do I feel that I have learned even a tiny fraction of what it can do From the very basics of how the interface is laid out, through placing basic primitives spheres, cubes, etc , creating and assigning colours, textures, bump-maps, and finally to rendering, this book takes you there in relatively easy to understand steps.

The accompanying CD contains sample project files that allow you to follow through the book without worrying about minor glitches in your learning skills hampering your ongoing education. I managed to go from zero-skills to building a solar system in under an hour. A further hour of self-directed poking around in sliders, colour-pickers and panels, and suddenly Saturn's rings had stripes, the planets were casting proper shadows, and there was even the beginnings of a star-spangled backdrop.

Studio Lighting in Autodesk Maya 2009 - Part 1

I also had the sun glowing in a mostly-realistic way. Lots of fun!

Interface and Workflow with Eric Keller

After that, bump-mapping soon took care of the textures on the various moons. I tell you, I couldn't have been more stoked if I had suddenly received a note saying "Oi, show-off. It took me 6 days to do this myself! Leave off.

Introducing Maya 2009 / Edition 1

I'm more of a well-posed-stillframe kinda guy After that came the more nitty-gritty taks, such as moulding shapes with pushers and pullers, lathing, mirroring and more. Overall, frankly there isn't much Maya can do that this book doesn't at least introduce you to in some slight way.

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With the tools and skills you are introduced to in this book, you'll have a good grounding in the basics, and only your imagination and amount of practice time you can scrounge out of your day will set the limits. A most excellent resource for those wanting to get into 3d modelling, rendering and animation.

Hey Tiberiu! OK, now it looks like you're on the right path. So now you've been bitten by the Maya Bug and from here on out the sky is the limit. I'm impressed that you got the basics of curves and how to shade stuff under your belt so quickly. This can be the hardest part of learning Maya!

Introducing Maya [With CDROM] by Dariush Derakhshani

Stay with it and get some of the manuals to give you a good framework of how the program works, and you'll find that Maya will soon take over your life! Best of luck. Re: gloss effect in maya by Stuart Christensen on Jun 23, at pm. Re: gloss effect in maya by Tiberiu Neagu on Jun 24, at pm. Re: gloss effect in maya by Stuart Christensen on Jun 24, at pm. Re: gloss effect in maya by Tiberiu Neagu on Jun 26, at am.